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Every business has different requirements and needs unique solutions. “One size fits all” is not a good option in warehousing and logistics. Get in touch to discuss how Rod Turner Logistics can provide tailored help and support for your business or to understand if my book on change management in logistics can help.

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I have over 40 years’ experience in warehousing. In that time, I have visited more than 200 warehouse operations across countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Those warehouses ranged for small to huge, from basic to advanced, from manual to fully automated, from internally operated to outsourced with external logistics providers.

I have worked for third party logistics companies, shipping companies, retailers, fast moving consumer goods manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, and diversified industrial manufacturers. I have had roles operating ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses; closing, transferring and opening warehouses; and developing and delivering continuous improvement programmes and Centres of Excellence in warehousing.

I have experience of managing owned and rental pallets; managing stock through perpetual inventory and stock counting; improving inbound quality and reducing rejection rates; of Health and Safety in warehousing; of warehouse mechanical handling equipment, automation and robotics; of working with raw materials, spare parts and finished goods at the start and end of production lines; of contract packing and assembly. ….

Alongside my operational experience, I have managed outsourcing of logistics activities to third party logistics providers, together with local, regional and global tenders for warehouse items such as mechanical handling equipment, layer picking machines, automated storage, order assembly systems such as “pick by voice” and “pick by light”.

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