Delivering Change - the art and science of successful change management in logistics by Rod Turner. Available on Amazon

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Delivering Change: The Art and Science of Successful Change Management in Logistics: A Practitioner’s Handbook

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If you need to manage a project to transform a warehouse activity in your organisation, this book is for you. Built on over 40 years’ experience of warehouse operations, this book is a step-by-step guide to setting up your project, assembling a team, building good stakeholder relationships, and managing delivery. It highlights ways round common pitfalls and challenges in warehouse transitions whilst providing real-life examples of what can make a warehouse change successful – or unsuccessful.

Designed for project managers undertaking a warehouse-based project for the first time, and experienced logistics managers new to project management, this book covers theory and practice, explains common jargon, and provides a road map through change in warehousing.

Complete with four case studies and 10 downloadable templates, this is a practical guide and resource that will prepare you for the challenges of managing transitions in warehousing.  The book is written to provide people working in, or moving to, a role in logistics with a clear and comprehensive handson guide to the practicalities of delivering a major logistics
change project in an organisation.  It
is ideal for people who are looking for guidance and support in a process to follow and pitfalls to avoid.